Schulz Brau Brewing Company Opens in Giant Castle in Knoxville

Schulz Brau Brewing Company

Schulz Brau Brewing Company Opens in Giant Castle in Knoxville

Lots of planning and construction went into creating the Schulz Brau Brewing Company in Knoxville TN. It all started around 2014 when rumors of a “giant castle with a brewery inside” started floating around the Knoxville area.

Sure enough, Schulz Brau Brewing Company didn’t disappoint when it came to the size and style of their brewery! The giant castle-like structure, with heavy wooden doors, sits on Bernard Avenue in North Knoxville.

What to Expect at Schulz Brau Brewing CompanySchulz Brau Brewing Company in Knoxville

Schulz Brau gives visitors a true taste of traditional German beer and culture. The staff wear traditional clothes, and they feature in-house brews, including authentic German lagers and hefeweizens. Their beers are mostly malt-based as opposed to being heavy on hops, like what you’d typically find in a beer like an IPA.

Currently, they have 6 Schulz Brau beers on tap:

  • German Pilsner (their hoppiest German beer)
  • Munich Dunkel
  • Hefeweizen
  • Helles Bock
  • Schwarzbier
  • Radler

They also feature guest taps in addition to their beer selection. To find out which beers are on tap when you plan to visit, click here.

Each beer is served in the appropriate glasses, some being served in liter steins. You won’t find any pint glasses at this brewery! They pride themselves on their ingredients, using only malt, hops, water and yeast in accordance with the Reinheitsgebot (the German Beer Purity Law which is a set of regulations for beer-making that dates back to the 16th century). This means Schulz Brau will focus on quality, and they won’t be adding any chemicals to give their beers a longer shelf life.

Their goal is to stick to traditional German beers with the highest ingredients on the market, so you’re not going to find anything too crazy or extremely creative - just true German beers!

Inside, you’ll find their taproom, the Great Hall, where you can enjoy a beer or you can sit in their outdoor Beer Garden that has its own bar and fire pit. There’s also a Mezzanine that overlooks the Great Hall and brewery.

The Beer Garden is one of the largest German Beer Gardens in the United States, and the Schulz family plans to continue making their Beer Garden as authentic to the ones found in Germany.

The inside of the building, which was once a warehouse, is about 3,000 square feet and the Beer Garden has about 6,000 square feet of space - making it one of the largest breweries in Knoxville. The Great Hall has enough seating for 80 people, the Mezzanine has enough seating for 48 and the Beer Garden has enough seating for 200.

The Mezzanine can be rented for private events, but will also be open during regular business hours.

Take an Inside Look at Schulz Brau Brewing Company in Knoxville

About the Schulz Family

The Schulz family has been gradually moving to the United States, from Germany, over the last 7 years. They believe it’s their heritage that makes them stand out from all of the other Knoxville breweries.

When they began moving to the United States, they quickly realized that there were no true German breweries in the area. Any time they would try a German beer, it just didn’t compare to the beers served in Germany. So, they decided to brew and serve their own.

Nico Schulz is the owner and head brewer, but other family members, including his parents, brother and wife, are part of the business, too.

This is just one of many up-and-coming Knoxville breweries. We’re expecting to see many more breweries added to the area as the Knoxville beer scene continues to grow. For more information about Schulz Brau and other Knoxville breweries and taprooms, click here.

[Photo courtesy of WVLT Local 8 News]