Welcome to Knox Taps!

Beer flight with pretzels

Welcome to Knox Taps!

Welcome to KnoxTaps.com. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you will find everything you need to know about Knoxville beer.

As the world of craft beer expands, Knoxville will not be left behind! Taprooms are opening, brewers are experimenting and the result is some of the best beer ever poured.  Seriously, these brewers are blowing us away!

We will be promoting breweries, beers and taprooms, both local and on our travels. We attend numerous beer festivals every year, so you will find information about all of those as well.

Knoxville breweries will be our focus, but we will also feature regional breweries that we think are worth your time to check out. We are surrounded with a lot of breweries with lots of ways to experience them. We can help you get beering, whether it’s walking or biking to nearby taps or taking a ride on the Knox Brew Tours bus. You'll be able to find all of that information right here with us!

Do you love craft beer?  Are you interested in learning more?  We will get the experts together to help you out. There will be something for everyone from the beer-challenged to the hearty Stout drinker.  Keep an eye on our Knoxville events page to stay in the know.

We look forward to the opening of every brewery and taproom. We are excited to share them with you.

Come along as we discover all Knox Taps have to offer.